Everki EKP128 Versa Suite Tas Laptop Backpack - Black

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Overview of Everki EKP128 Versa Suite Tas Laptop Backpack

The Versa Series of Laptop Bags

Versa suite notebook bag has a stylish black exterior and tasteful design allows it to fit in as well in the boardroom as it does on the commute to work. Fits a laptop up to 14.1” in its own padded leaves these devices just as well-protected.

As a mobile professional, you know the demands of business travel; and you know that each leg of the journey comes with specific challenges. That’s why we designed the Versa Series of bags to handle all of travel’s complexities, and loaded each bag with solutions to help make your trip streamlined and efficient. Every bag in the Versa series is rich with flexible functionality and offers a multiplicity of organizational features that really work hard for you, while the intuitive design makes organizing a breeze.  You’ll find meaningful details throughout to meet your travel needs, like dedicated spaces to pack multiple devices including your laptop and tablet. So whether you’re looking for a traditional style backpack or a wheeled solution; EVERKI’s feature-rich Versa Series of bags are the ideal choice.

Travel Friendly

The fully adjustable and padded laptop pocket adapts to snugly secure a slim 11-inch Ultrabook or a large 15.6-inch laptop. Customize the size of the pocket from the bottom and both sides, and use the Velcro strap to secure your device from the top. Both laptop and tablet will remain safe in their extra padded and super soft, felt-lined pockets. The laptop compartment is also Checkpoint Friendly, and allows you to pass through airport security without removing the device from its pocket. Simply open the Versa up 180 degrees, lay it flat, and your bag will quickly pass through the scanner.

Quick-access Magazine / Newspaper Slot

It’s always nice to have something to read while waiting for a flight, but it can be somewhat hectic to store your reading material when the flight is called. We designed the Versa with a quick-access magazine slot to easily slip your reading material right back into the bag. The slot is placed at the front of the backpack so you can stash your magazine when boarding, and quickly retrieve it again when you’re seated. Thoughtful details throughout the Versa help to make your travel more enjoyable.

Ergonomically Designed

When your backpack is fully loaded it can get heavy, so we engineered a 5-point balance strap system to ergonomically distribute the weight and reduce muscle strain. With two pillow-soft straps adjustable at the shoulders, two quick-slide straps at the bottom and one across the chest, you have total control over weight distribution. This allows for balanced comfort, even when the backpack is full. The Versa ergonomically designed carry system also has a padded lumbar support with mesh padding to provide maximum air circulation for breathability. The Versa : highly functional, cool comfort.

Trolley Handle Pass-through

When traveling with many bags, the trolley handle pass-through on the back of the Versa allows you to double your efforts. Simply slip the Versa onto the handle of your luggage and you’re ready to wheel through the airport.

Easy-adjust Strap Management System

Don’t let dangling straps make you look disheveled. The strap-management system we designed for the Versa allows you to adjust each strap to just the right length, and slide the strap clip to keep the straps from dangling, keeping you looking neat and professional.

High-contrast Lining

All EVERKI interiors are stylish, high-contrast orange because we know how frustrating it is to mistakenly leave a compartment unzipped, and how difficult it is to organize against a black background. Savvy and Stylish.

Large Zipper and Metal Pulls

Have you ever broken a zipper on your favorite bag? We have. That’s why we designed the Versa using heavy duty zippers with extra large metal pulls.   So your favorite bag can remain your favorite bag.

Peace of Mind

EVERKI makes products of value because we value our relationships. Every product EVERKI makes comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers manufacturing defects over the entire life of the product. EVERKI. We give you peace of mind.

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  • 1 x Everki EKP128 Versa Suite Tas Laptop Backpack

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Technical Specifications of Everki EKP128 Versa Suite Tas Laptop Backpack

Fits Laptop Up To 14 inch

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