Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black

Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 1 Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 2 Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 3 Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 4 Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 5 Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 6 Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 7 Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 8 Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 9 Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3 - Black - 10
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Overview of Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3

The Glide is a light and compact backpack built for the modern commuter.

everki notebook bag

The Glide is a light and compact backpack built for the modern commuter. This sleek and versatile new addition to Everki’s line of high-quality bags for larger devices features a compartment designed to hold up to 17.3” laptops without sacrificing mobility. The compartment comes equipped with a padded, felt-lined laptop slot and a separate slot for an iPad/Kindle/tablet PC, both held firmly in place by a quick-release strap that minimizes shifting and wear-and-tear on the road. Everki also outfitted the Glide with its integrated laptop corner guard system – extra reinforcement built into the bag that protects laptops around the corners, where they are most likely to sustain damage. Tas ini juga cocok dijadikan sebagai tas Gaming Backpack untuk membawa sejumlah peralatan gaming Anda, misalnya laptop gaming, headphone dan keyboard gaming, stik PS, hingga konsol PS4.

This bag’s stylish design allows it to fit in anywhere, and its slim exterior conceals an interior made to accommodate all of the necessities of both today’s professional and the casual traveler. A convenient key ring buckle and a range of functional slots and pockets – including an innovative stash pocket built into one of its wide straps – make room for small and medium-sized devices and accessories, pens, business cards, keys, and more. In addition, a large, zippered see-it-all pocket inside the laptop compartment and the Glide’s attractive high-contrast interior lining make items easy to find.

Comfort is no problem for the Glide’s wearer. Its compact design minimizes bulk and its well-padded, easily-adjustable shoulder straps pitch in to help bear the load and make fine adjustments a breeze. Peace of mind is also part of the package, as like all of Everki’s products, it is backed by the company’s lifetime warranty protection.

everki notebook bag

Integrated Laptop Corner Guard System

Your laptop is one of your most prized possessions, so it deserves special treatment. The Glide goes the extra mile to protect your device from bumps and scratches; in addition to a felt lining and ample padding, this bag features Everki’s innovative integrated laptop corner guard system – molded shock-absorbing pads embedded into the bottom lining that protect the corners of your device, which are the areas manufacturers have identified as the most vulnerable and commonly damaged. Let Everki take care of your laptop so you can focus on the job or on the journey.

everki notebook bag

Wide, Ergonomic Shoulder Straps with Zippered Stash Pocket

Carrying a laptop and all of its accessories can wear a person out quickly. Luckily for the weary traveler, the Glide comes with wide, pillow-soft straps that pitch in to help its wearer shoulder the load over long periods of time. These straps are easily adjustable to ensure maximum comfort, and the left-hand strap features a convenient, zippered stash pocket ideal for storing quick-access items like ID, cash, gum, tissue, or anything else the traveler might need close at hand.

Dedicated 17.3” Laptop Slot

Whether you are the student, the professional, or the tourist, today’s backpack is incomplete without a laptop compartment. The Glide safely stores your computer in its own thickly-padded, felt-lined pocket, where it sits snugly and holds down using a soft strap. This pocket is equipped with anti-shock foam padding to best protect your device from bumps, scratches, and other hazards of the road and is easily accessible for everyday use or when checking through airport security.

Felt-Lined iPad/Kindle/Tablet Pocket

With the Glide’s dedicated slot designed to hold your iPad, Kindle, or other tablet PC, never again will you leave your device vulnerable to the ravages of an ill-fitting compartment. The rising popularity of tablets and their increasing importance in school and industry make this feature a must when purchasing a new laptop bag. This unique pocket is easily accessible within the bag’s laptop compartment and comes lined with the same soft felt and holds down with the same strap as the laptop, so you can rest assured that your iPad or tablet PC will stay just as well protected as your computer.

Spacious, Well-Organized Compartments

The Glide packs a lot of space into its compact form. A large, zippered see-it-all pocket and two wide slots inside the laptop compartment provide room for cables, adapters, and peripherals, and the bag’s second compartment comes with an expandable Velcro pocket, a key ring buckle, and a range of slots for pens and business cards. In addition, an expandable quick-access pocket with button strap, located at the front of the bag, allows the Glide’s wearer to quickly store and retrieve snacks or something to read for the trip.

Additional Features
everki notebook bag
Lifetime Warranty Protection

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that with any product in the Everki family, you never have to worry about discovering a flaw or defect after the end of the warranty period. Everki’s Limited Lifetime Warranty protects your purchase against manufacturing defects over the entire life of the product.

everki notebook bag
High-Contrast Lining

With Everki, form and function are not mutually exclusive. In addition to a range of convenient pockets and slots that ensure contents stay in their designated places, the Glide features a high-contrast orange lining that fits in with the bag’s overall theme and makes items easier to find under any circumstance.

everki notebook bag
Pillow-Soft Lumbar Pad

The Glide goes the extra mile to keep its wearer comfortable, even while in constant motion. Everki outfitted this backpack with high-quality, pillow-soft mesh lumbar padding that cushions the user where he or she needs it most and takes the edge off of even the most challenging commute.

everki notebook bag
Reflective Safety Strips

Everki protects not only a bag’s contents, but its wearer, as well. Reflective orange strips on the front and sides of the Glide’s exterior complement its high-contrast inner lining and ensure that the user is visible to cars while commuting at night.

everki notebook bag
Large Zippers with Metal Pulls

The Glide’s size 10 zippers are larger and more durable than the hardware found on most other bags in its class. Its strong, all-metal Everki zipper pulls are built to last and feature zipper heads with lock-holes to help you protect your valuables while you are on-the-go.

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Technical Specifications of Everki EKP129 - Glide Laptop Backpack fits up to 17.3

Fits Laptop Up To 17.3 inch
Dimension 32 x 19 x 47 cm
Weight 2.43 lbs

Customer Reviews

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  • Pretty good!

    by Calvin Liemowa on Aug 7th 2015
    -nyaman dipakai
    -bahan kuat dan struktur bagus
    -banyak compartment buat simpan barang secara rapih
    -proteksi oke untuk kantong laptop dan tablet
    -resleting kuat dan besar
    -warna keren
    -menyesuaikan panjang / pendek tali tas nya gampang
    -kantong depan bagus buat simpan barang secara cepat

    -lumayan "pricey"
    -lebih berat dibanding tas biasa, mungkin karena banyak bahan kuat dan proteksi nya. Tapi ga seburuk itu.
    -lapisan pelindung laptop dibagian belakang agak menyebalkan karena kaku.
    -there's no bottle holder
    -space untuk buku mungkin agak susah kalo tas di isi dengan aksesoris laptop

    Intinya, tas ini bagus buat anda yg suka bepergian dan punya laptop besar seperti saya (laptop gaming MSI 17,3"). Bisa isi banyak barang, compartment banyak, dan tas nya kuat. Sayang tas nya agak kaku dan agak berat dibanding tas sekolahan, juga cukup pricey. I give it 4 and a thumb up.
  • Puas

    by aspar on Jan 21st 2015
    Udah setahun pakai tas ini dan belum ada satu jahitan yang lepas. Paling kantong depan yang udah agak melar gara-gara suka taruh barang yang terlalu besar & agak berat di depan.
    Sepertinya cukup kuat untuk menahan air dari luar. Maklum, nggak pernah hujan-hujanan waktu pakai tas ini. Takut rembes ke laptop. Hehehe..
    Sekarang bingung mau bersihin tas ini. Soalnya di dalamnya ada lapisan berbulu gitu. Takut jadi buluk kalau kena air.
  • Harga sesuai kualitas!

    by Agustiawan on May 4th 2013
    Backpack yang satu ini emang bagus banget! Dalaman bisa simpen barang banyak banget. Padahal awal mau beli sempet ragu, apalagi harga segitu.
    Dan ternyata setelah coba" search di google, ini backpack wajib beli dan termasuk murah untuk kategori backpack ekslusif.

    Gak sekedar backpack untuk laptop, tapi banyak gunanya juga.
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