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Helios M Plastic RDA Rebuildable Atomizer - Silver

Helios M Plastic RDA Rebuildable Atomizer - Silver - 1 Helios M Plastic RDA Rebuildable Atomizer - Silver - 2
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Overview of Helios M Plastic RDA Rebuildable Atomizer

The 23mm Helios clone by HCigar is made from stainless steel, features an inline triple post design (tripole) with a quad pole functionality. The unique dual separate mounting holes on the center posts makes it easier for either dual coil configuration or multi coil setups. Four Phillips screws are attached for easy configuring, and the top cap can be unscrewed easily to have the center tube act as a deep well. Within the center tube area also contains 2 air holes which is backed by a brass air flow control ring to adjust the draw. The two o-rings fastened on the base of the atomizer acts as added secureness from the cap loosenly too easily. The center area is equipped with a Delrin insulator and the 510 thread connection surrounds the copper contact pin, which gives added conductivity in vapor performance. Each Helios rebuildable drip atomizer includes a matching drip tip.

  • Plastic Material
  • AFC (air flow control)
  • Knurled adjustable ring for air flow (brass)
  • Adjustable quad post design
  • Dual base o-rings
  • Dual negative post
  • Dual positive post
  • Tri-pole with quad-pole functionality (quad terminal)
  • Phillip screws
  • High temperature insulator, ideal for single, dual, quad to octa build setups
  • Inidividually numbered on base
  • Copper contact pin
  • 510 threaded connection
  • Includes drip tip
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Safe and Healthy

Refilled natural e-liquid. No Carbon Monoxide, no tar and other harmful substances. The carcinogen levels in electronic cigarettes are up to 1,000 times lower than in tobacco cigarettes.

Help to Quit Smoking

According to the "Replacement Therapy" which recommended by the W.H.O and the smoking habits can be quit by long-trem smoking e-cigs because it's simulating the traditional cigarette.

Everywhere and Anytime

No second-hand smoke. Just release safe vapour without terrible smell. Have no bad efect to others. You can use electronic cigarette in public place like airport, cinema, club, etc.

Save Money

An e-cigarette cartridge is equal to one pack of tobacco cigarette. The same smoking experience, but save more when using electronic cigarettes.

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Photos of Helios M Plastic RDA Rebuildable Atomizer

Video of Helios M Plastic RDA Rebuildable Atomizer

Technical Specifications of Helios M Plastic RDA Rebuildable Atomizer

Dimension D: 22mm x L: 25mm w/o tip

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