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Sony XQD Memory Card G Series (440MB/s) 120GB - QD-G120F

Sony XQD Memory Card G Series (440MB/s) 120GB - QD-G120F - 1 Sony XQD Memory Card G Series (440MB/s) 120GB - QD-G120F - 2
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Overview of Sony XQD Memory Card G Series (440MB/s) 120GB - QD-G120F

Designed for professional photographers and videographers, the 120GB/240G G Series XQD Memory Card from Sony is made to excel in high-end DSLRs, including models from Nikon and Sony, and offers a storage capacity of up to 120GB/240G. Equipped with a PCIe 2.0 interface, this XQD card features read speeds of up to 440 MB/s and write speeds of up to 400 MB/s, allowing it to record 4K video and up to 200 continuous raw still image bursts.

As with most Sony cards, this memory card is shockproof, X-ray proof, and magnet proof, while also being able to withstand temperatures from -13 to 149°F, allowing you to take this card with you into extreme environments, such as snow and deserts. It is also resistant to intense UV light exposures, can resist damage from drops up to 16.4', and up to 50 N of force. Should the card's data become compromised, you also benefit from the option to download File Rescue software for free to help recover deleted content, including raw images, MOV files, and 4K XAVC-S video.

Dependable 4K Video Recording

Sony's unique data controller works to ensure stable 4K video recording, with two-way communication to manage data bottlenecks on compatible cameras.

Burst Shooting

With its fast write speed, Sony XQD G Series memory cards are well-suited for continuous raw burst shooting with DSLR cameras. Capture up to 200 raw images in a single burst.

Capture More Decisive Moments

Sony XQD G series memory cards are designed to keep pace with the shooting speed of your camera and clear the memory buffer fast. You can capture more decisive moments and bursts of continuous shots, even with high-end DSLRs.

Robust Shell Structure

Sony's technologies increase shell strength to improve durability. Recessed contact pins also help protect them from damage, dust, and electrostatic shock for reliable performance, even in harsh environments.


Designed for professional use, this card offers improved strength over standard XQD cards. The additional rigidity is tested to 50 N of force, helping to prevent the risk of flexing and bending caused during transport and by repeated insertion into card slots.

Durability During Intense Use

Up to 5x more durable compared to standard XQD cards, Sony's G Series cards are tested to withstand drops of 16.4' / 5.0m, giving users confidence when handling or swapping cards, even under busy, hasty, or dark shooting circumstances.

Fast Data Transfers

Sony's XQD/SD card reader and USB adapters are a good match for G Series XQD memory cards. With transfers faster than CompactFlash cards, your data backups and work flow are more efficient.

Designed for Professionals

Sony's XQD memory cards are shockproof, magnet proof, anti-static, and resistant to breakage. They also offer fast performance, even in extreme temperatures, under exposure to intense UV light, and airport x-ray machines. Designed for prolonged professional use, Sony XQD cards are tested for dependable storage in a vast array of environments.

File Rescue Software

Sometimes things go wrong and data, such as photos and files, get damaged or lost. Sony's File Rescue is a powerful tool for recovering damaged or lost data that is simple enough for almost anyone to use. Applying an advanced algorithm, Sony's File Rescue realizes a higher rate of recovery for raw images, MOV files, and 4K XAVC-S video files captured on both Sony and Nikon devices. Sony's File Rescue is available as a free download to memory card customers.

Package Contents

Barang-barang yang anda dapat dalam kotak produk:

  • 1 x Sony XQD Memory Card G Series (440MB/s) 120GB - QD-G120F

Video YouTube yang ditampilkan hanyalah ilustrasi fungsi dan penggunaan produk. Kami tidak menjamin barang kami 100% mirip dengan produk dalam video YouTube tersebut.

Photos of Sony XQD Memory Card G Series (440MB/s) 120GB - QD-G120F

Video of Sony XQD Memory Card G Series (440MB/s) 120GB - QD-G120F

Technical Specifications of Sony XQD Memory Card G Series (440MB/s) 120GB - QD-G120F

Capacity 120GB
Transfer Rate Read Speed 440 MB/s Maximum
Write Speed 400 MB/s Maximum

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